Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day1: Pretzel M&Ms

Hello this is Kevin, and this is my first blog post ever in the history of the universe.

The topic I plan to write about on my blog, is a food adventure. I will try to eat something interesting every week, and write about my thoughts, reviews, and discoveries. Today I did not eat anything particular great, because I was unprepared for this topic. However in the future I will be.

Today for dinner, I ate a bag of Pretzel M&Ms. I have always been a fan of the wonderful candy we all know as M&Ms. I have tried all the flavors and I can safely say that the Pretzel M&Ms are by far my favorite. The mix of savory chocolate and candy coating, with the crunchy pretzel ball inside each piece, creates the rare and delicious blend of sweet and salty. For those of you who think that M&Ms are too small of a candy, those feelings of unrest will be put to ease. The Pretzel M&Ms are not the tiny flat pieces of candy that we have seen in the original flavor, but rather larger balls with a more substantial consistency. For those health nuts out there, you will be happy to know that the Pretzel M&Ms are also the lowest in calories and fat in comparison to other flavors and types of M&Ms.